Thursday, April 14, 2011

H today


It is now dinner time and my work day has ended. 

The picture here shows sheep on a road on an island. 

Last night I read on my Kindle.  I have one book waiting for me at the library and another one in transit.  I am waiting until the second book gets there before going there. 

I am going to China in mid-June so this blog will continue from there once again.  This time I will be there for about five years, with some trips back to the U.S. about once a year.  My Chinese tourist visa is for 365 days now because I had previous visas for China. Once I get my job there I will convert the visa to a work visa instead of a tourist visa. 

I plan on posting here until I leave. After a few days there to recover from jet lag I will post again from there, with pictures from China. 

I am watching How Its Made, and the story that is of interest to me is plantain chips. It looks like a banana but it called a plantain. It looks like chips made from bananas.

The weekend approaches.  What are your plans?


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