Friday, April 22, 2011

F now....


Pictures of two painted trucks in Germany.

I finally figured out how to use my Kindle DX.  A little different from using my Kindle 3.

Easter is Sunday. What are your plans?  Me? I don't know yet. I will go to Safeway tomorrow to get some Easter candy.  Since I don't believe in Good Friday or Easter or any part of holy week.  What is said in the bible is pure fiction as no one knows what happened during this week in the year 30 C.E.  (no more B.C or A.D for me; it is B.C.E and C.E. only,  Before the Common Era and Common Era.).

I have no faith as faith requires belief without proof.  My beliefs come with proof only.  That is what a humanist is called and that is what I am.  No faith in anything, except maybe my Dodgers getting to the World Series this year. 

Enough of this rant.

Mostly packed for my trip to China, coming in June.  I have my visa and my international driver's license. 

Hope your holiday goes well.


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