Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekend is here

This picture is Helen smiling.

I read Great Expectations at Regis as a freshman. I hated the book then at age 15.  I just finished watching the TV of Great Expectations.  It had a much younger Miss Haversham on it, as Gillian Anderson played that role. She also play Scully on The X-Files.  It was a four hour presentation of the book. I may have to read this book again, and think I have it on my Kindle.

This will be the last picture you see of Helen. I have four others but not fit for here. 

I may take some pictures of her to post here later, but not from the current crop of pictures she sent me.

Helen is Catholic like me.  Just what I need: to marry a Catholic young lady.

Today I will be reading and watching the TV shows I recorded this week.

The book sale is continuing today but I went there last Thursday and got the five books I wanted, two for gifts and the three for me.


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