Monday, April 2, 2012

M eve now...

This is the lake we visited in Kunming China.  It is a big lake but no boats on it except a few local residents. 

I got my hair cut today. Tomorrow it will be colored again, the first time since returning from China.

A haircut in China cost me 10 rmb, or about $1.80.  A haircut here in Stayton cost me $11.00 today.  It took a barber about 45 minutes to cut my hair as he had not cut a western man's hair before.  Jim, my barber here, takes about five to six minutes to cut my hair. 

I am now reading Part Wild: One Woman's Journey with a Creature Caught Between the Worlds of Wolves and Dogs.  I heard this author on an NPR program soon after returning to the U.S.  The author tried to tame a wolf but found out how wild he was and could not keep the wolf in her house,.

Do you believe dogs devolved from wolves?  But what about a pug dog or the dog that won the Westminster Dog Show, so far away from wolves they look more like cats than dogs. 

My dad is doing fine in The Dalles, at the Oregon Veterans' Home.  He calls me about every other week to give me a report on what is happening there.

My father is now 90 years old. 

I am surprised I like reading books on my Kindle Fire. I thought with the back-lit screen I would not like it, but I turn the brightness down quite a bit to read books and articles on it. 

I have read two books on it and I am now putting articles on it too.

I am not gaining weight here in the U.S. I simply do not have a large appetite yet here. 


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