Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tis the Egg Day...

This is something I don't do often, putting a picture of me on this blog. But here is a picture of me at Black Dragon Park in Kunming China.

Today is Egg Day. I hope you are enjoying this day.  I went to 8;00 am Mass this morning. It was packed full, even the choir was full.

I don't sing in Church anymore. I am sung out, for I spent four years in Boys Glee at Regis.  We sang every day and we took tours to Catholic schools in Washington.  After four years of that singing I am done singing. 

But we shall see next week for my surprise will be with me then.  I am not telling you yet what surprise is but I am very pleased with her,. I will ask her if I post a picture of her in the middle of the week.

She is Catholic too. 

So now you part of my surprise, but wait until you see her picture. 

I finished Part Wild yesterday.  The author did not give the wolf away to a Rescue Association or to another place.  She ended up putting the wolf down. That wolf, named Inyo, was too hard to control in any situation,.

I am now reading Revelations about the book written in 236 so if you believe John the apostle wrote it,then you are wrong.  None of it true today.  It was written about the Roman Empire at that time. 


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