Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday today

This picture shows the back end of the Catholic Church. It is one block from our house in Stayton. 

I went to Good Friday services last night and it was in English and Spanish.  Our church is very big and it was full last  night.

I will go to Mass Sunday morning as the Saturday night service is over two hours long.

I saw snow in the rain here yesterday.  What is wrong with this weather we have in in western Oregon?  Global warming is the cause of all of this strange weather.

I did not realize that I failed to post here for the past five days.  I promise to post more in the future.

I have some news but I will wait until the middle of next week to give the good news to you. I will attach a picture too. Let me say I feel like I won the lottery and the prize is the best of all.

I will finish Part Wild today.  I have another book waiting for me, this time on Revelation.  A good liberal book for me to read.


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