Sunday, April 22, 2012

early Sunday

This picture show a small tree at Black Dragon Park in Kunming.

I am now reading The Coming of Third Reich.  This is the first book of trilogy  I will spend the next few weeks watching "sausage being made," more about the Third Reich than most people want to know about about the Nazis.

it sure was a nice day here yesterday.  After returning from 5:00 p.m Mass I decided to mow the lawn here. 

I picked up 20 copies of Friday Night Lights, a book on Texas football.  Monday is World Book Reading Night.  I plan to take these books to Regis High School to give them to senior boys and girls there.  I signed for these books and they were delivered to the library here. I read this book a few years ago when it first came out.  I saved a copy for myself. I will one copy to my father and one for the son of friend.

I saw that about 20 people around Stayton signed up for this Reading Night.  I wonder where the others will giving away books.  I know that only I had Friday Night Lights so I want to find the others to get a copy of the book from that person.

Have a great week upcoming.


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