Friday, June 12, 2009


Good morning:

Friday is finally here ( I know, split infinitive, but as the show said long ago, " boldly go where no man has gone before...").
The picture here are some clam diggers we saw in Seaside showing us the razor clams they dug in the wet sand at in a very low time.
I am still searching a clam gun, but how that Joe's has closed, it will Big 5 sporting good store. We shall see if they have such things there.
I am still waiting for Amazon to contact me again. We published a book of poems by a friend of mine. I jumped the gun and published it without letting my friend see the typed book before publishing it. I need to delete the book to replace it with a correct copy. I will not give you the website yet to see the book on the Amazon Kindle page.
I wonder if any of you have a Kindle like me? Drop me a line of you do have one. I have never seen any other Kindles "in the wild," as it were. My dad has one but I gave it to him. His Kindle is linked to my account, which means he can get and read all of the books I bought for my Kindle. I can have up to six Kindles linked to my account.
Hope you enjoy your coming weekend.

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