Sunday, June 14, 2009

Start of a new week

I tried something today: putting two pictures on this blog page. I could not do this on the site.
The picture to the left is for a person in China who throws away a fry pan if a hint of black appears on it. Take a close look at these pans to see they are just fine with the deep black on the bottom of each pan.
The picture to the right I took in Dan & Louie's Oyster Bar in Portland last Thursday. We went there after the electric car meeting. I had an excellent crab and shrimp stew.
I am making a clam gun from PVC pipe. I need to find someone who has PVC cleaner and PVC glue as I don't want to buy the stuff for just one cap on one pipe.
We watched Twilight last night, a DVD I got from our local library. I read all three of the Stephanie Myer books in this series. The first movie, filmed in Oregon, followed the book pretty well. The movie was OK, but for the most part I don't want to see movies of books I previously read.
I am more than half way through The Sign by Raymond Khoury. This is a very good book, with verisimilitude so good you think it is nonfiction.
We are going out for breakfast.

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