Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday here TGIF

Hi again:

Yesterday we went to the coast to get clam guns there. None here in the middle of the Willamette Valley. We tried to find a good place to hunt for clams but the low tide yesterday afternoon was 2.0 feet.

Next week, on Tuesday and Wednesday the low tide will be very low: -3.0 feet. We are heading to Seaside to get some razor clams there. I am sure we will limit out each day (15 clams each).

I am almost finished with Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. An excellent book, as I told you before.

I do hope you sign up to follow this blog. Only one has signed up so far, someone whom I do not recognize.

I found 4 titles reviewed in my Kindle on Amazon Daily, a daily blog. I will check the library for each of them. If I do not find them I can put a request in for the books at my library branch here in Stayton. I did this with four other books I could not find there but now all four are in some library in the regional library system. We cannot get new books from the Salem branch, but we get new ones from all of the other branches in the Chemeketa Community College area. Cemetery Dance came from Newberg. Scarecrow by Michael Connelly came from the Stayton branch. A History of the World in Six Glasses came from the Monmouth library.

The picture here came from Dan & Louie's Oyster Bar in Portland.

Hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend.


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