Monday, June 15, 2009

Hi again:

The pictures here are from the Electric Car meeting last Thursday.

The middle one shows the controller of the electric car.
The bottom picture shows the most unusual car we have seen here at this meeting.
The top one is inside this unusual car. I wonder how far it goes between charges because the small batteries are up front and not many of them.
We went fishing last night, first in the Salem Ditch that runs through Stayton. Hand-dug in the 1930's by Chinese labor, it is a nice stream. We next went to the North Santiam River to try it out.
I finished The Sign last night, after reading it for 3 nights. I gave myself 4 nights to read it but the last 125 pages were page-turners.
I am now reading Cemetery Dead by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I read all of the other Pendergrast novels from these authors.
Dinner time here.

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