Thursday, June 25, 2009

end of the week..almost

Hi again:

The picture here is a clam digger in Seaside. We went clam digging yesterday (Wednesday) due to the low tide on the coast at -3.0 feet. We went for just the day. We got five razor clams. I cleaned them and we are making pasta with clams tomorrow.

We are looking to go the coast for three days about a month from now. There is a series of low tides, ranging from -1.7 to -2.5 feet over those 3 days.

I do hope you found this blog site as I make reference to it on my site. In three weeks the site ends so you will find this blog only here after July 13.

At Nye Beach yesterday we had to dig with our clam guns then get down on my hands and knees to dig further with my right hand. Unlike Seaside, the clams here show themselves with just a small hole, not with the small donut or small volcano you see in Seaside. Quite a few clam diggers there in Newport yesterday.

I got a book from an online site called Razor Clams in Oregon. The book follows the coast to tell the reader where the best places to seek razor clams. There is little after Seaside, until you get to Newport, with no places listed around Lincoln City.

Speaking of Lincoln City, it was created from five cities: Oceanlake, Delake, Nelscott, Culver City and Taft. It called itself the "20 Miracle Miles." Then Governor Hatfield visited the place, calling it the "20 Miserable Miles." This created an uproar in the new city, but forced to clean up the buildings there to make them more presentable. I recall when this happened so this tells you how old I am now.

What is wrong with these Republican politicians? Now the South Carolina governor admitting an affair plus another Senator telling other lies. Hopefully we are seeing the end of the Rs. We are seeing that in Oregon, with only 8 of them in the 30 member state senate.

I am glad I am no longer in Shanghai. It is over 90 the past few days with humidity at 100%. Wet and more wet there.


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