Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First time here...

Hi from a new blog source:

I set up a new blog source as 360 is getting out of the business on July 13.

As I told you in my posting on my new address here is:

Bookmark this new page if you want to continue reading my blog.
The picture here is placed different than in yahoo. It is a view from our inn's bedroom in Seaside looking over the pool and onto the beach. This was Tuesday morning, the day after Memorial Day. No one on the beach except the clammers way out near the surf on this very low tide day.
I finished The Increment and also just finished Castle. This latter book is short, only 229 pages, but strange, bordering on scientific fiction. Both books are great reads for this summer.
Later today to library to pick up six more books plus one DVD of Twilight.
Tomorrow night we go again to the Oregon Electric Car meeting in Portland. I go there with a list of questions I want answered. This time I want to know how many amps a the electric motor draws when placed in the car. Each battery is 150 amp hours so finding out how many amps the motor draws will tell me how many batteries I must place in each car.
I am not exactly familiar with this new blog site yet to know if you can post comments on it too and how hard that will be.
Hope this is not too much a burden for you to replace my blog with this one.

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