Monday, June 4, 2012

The weeks starts...cold and raining....

This picture is from a grocery store in China and it shows games available for young kids there.  Most are American games. 

I finished The Innocent yesterday.. Boy, what a page turner!  Took a wide swing at the end so much so it was not foreseen in any prior part of this book.  I read everything David Baldacci writes.  He is one of my favorite authors. 

I am now reading Bismarck 2013 Hitler's Curse, It alternates between the present where divers are getting ready to dive down three miles where the ship now rests on the ocean floor. It then goes the past as the Bismarck has sunk The Hood and is getting ready to make it France for some needed repairs.  Complicating all of this a small box put the ship by Hitler himself.  Persons opening that box are driven crazy and there is speculation that it contains the remains of Hitler's twin girls who died shortly after birth. 

I am reading this book on my Kindle 3, the one with a keyboard on it. 

I bought yesterday the last two books in the trilogy of The Third Reich, The Third Reich in Power and The Third Reich at War.  I am also now reading the first book in this trilogy, The Coming of the Third Reich.  All three are on my Kindle Fire now.

So you can see what I have been doing on my weekends here. Reading books, my main avocation. 

I now have 13 books here from my local library.  I don't know if I will ever get in to the Jesse Stone novels by Robert Parker.  I may have to sit down to start one book to see how it reads.

I sure hope it clears up and gets warmer later this week.


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