Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday, Monday....

Hi again:

Not too long, see snow. 

I finished The Cove, and the book took a strange ending.  The novel was very good,.  But the book about War I. 

A book spoiler is coming:  At the end of the book some town people came looking for Walter, who stayed with a young lady and her brother but pretended not to talk.  Only near the end did he talk with her.  He was from a War I from Germany.  How the book ended surprised me, thinking he would be killed. Instead the lady and her brother was killed by someone who wanted to kill the Germany man.  But that man got away at the end. 

I am now back reading another book on Rizzoli and Isles. I have all of these books on my Kindle 3 and I am reading them there,. 

I have another book from library, that is Over Tine: My Life as a Sportswriter by Frank Deford.  I listen to him in Wednesday on my computer on Morning Edition on NPR.

I am now reading two books at one time, depending on what I feel in the mood to  see books.

Seems most I do on weekends here is read my books.  I am still working on the second book of Catching Fire, the second book of Hunger Games.  I get this ebook for free from the Lending Library.  On July 1, I will get a ebook for the three Hunger Games,

So much to read these days. 


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