Tuesday, May 1, 2012

U today...

Yet another picture of young Chinese girl in a very short skirt. I took a lot of these pictures and I will not put many of them on here.  Just to give you idea of what young Chinese women wear in Kunming China.

Now I see young women in Stayton wearing similar outfits too,.  I am not taking pictures of these women.

I am chatting with Helen every day now.  She will be coming here after one big event in our life. 

I will take some more pictures of Helen when she arrives here so you can see what she looks like here.

I was playing games on my Kindle Fire today, both pinball and slots,.  I won quite bit in slots, and I apparently won a Rolex watch, but I will wait to see if one is mailed to me.

I spent only 1/2 of what I earned in the slot game, so I still have over $4,000 in winnings there 

Still reading Nothing to Envy, a book on North Korea.  Nothing to Envy is a saying in North Korea that the leaders say about the outside world, there is nothing to envy in other countries.  Over 1 million died there for the lack of food. 

I posted a picture here some time ago of North Korea at night.  It is completely dark with no lights showing at all, so unlike nearby countries. 

Not much else to say here.


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