Thursday, May 10, 2012

Toward the end of the week...

Yet another picture of a young Chinese woman in very tight jeans.  The women in Kunming wear either short skirts or super tight jeans. 

No more pictures from this series, as I have shown enough of these.  I have some more of these but you get the picture.

I am reading Nothing to Envy again.  I have it on my Kindle and I am reading it again.  Twenty million people died of famine during the past few years there. Nothing to envy is saying in North Korea that like to say that they have nothing to envy in any other country. What a big lie from the government there. 

I hope to have Helen here next week.


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  1. Helen is a scam. She will ask you for money, you will send it and something will come up, she will ask for more money. She will never show up, if she does she will steal you blind. Look at the pictures, read the words, don't be a fool