Saturday, July 23, 2011

The weekend is here....


The Shriner's entertain the crowd every year at our parade.  I am sure they partake in many parades around Oregon.

I am reading Shanghai Girls.  It is a great novel. Two beautiful Shanghai girls are going out every night to the clubs and other places, without a thought to what might happen. Of course, it happens quickly as the Japanese attack the mainland and in Shanghai.

With their mother they try to make it to the coast to go to Hong Kong.  Mom is killed by Japanese troops who found her   The two girls make to the coast and to a boat, that is soon taken over by pirates.    From Hong Kong they want to go to San Francisco to try to find their husbands that they abandoned earlier in the book.  The events in this novel take place between 1934 and 1954, so much is going to happen to these two Shanghai girls in the pages to come.

I downloaded Skype today.  I will get a camera and a microphone later today so I can start using it to make calls.

My name on Skype is steven.schwindt

Have a great weekend as it is getting warmer here...finally.


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