Sunday, July 17, 2011

Raining Sunday here...


We know when it is summer in Oregon...the rain is warm.  Exactly today.  I hung clothes outside early this morning, but the warm rain since then forced them in to the dyer.

Except for the warm rain, I would think it is November out here today.

The picture is from the parade.  Kids are waiting for the candy to be thrown to them.  A local grocery store passes out plastic bags for the kids to keep the candy in them. 

I saw on little girl next to me get a piece of candy and eat it right there.  She was not saving any.  It was funny watching her open every piece of candy she got and put in her mouth.

What do here on a Sunday where it raining?????  Read I guess.

I  am watching Sometimes a Great Notion, a film shot in Oregon on the Siletz River.  It  is a great movie.


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