Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday of the holiday....


Yet another cartoon from AARP.  Very funny.

I went to Mass today with my dad.  I am starting to go to Mass again.

Still reading the Sherlock Holmes book, but it may take some time to read this book.

I want to read the books I got from the library.

Nice day outside.  I put some laundry outside earlier this morning and by noon it was dry.

I heard some fireworks last night.  But the fireworks around the Chinese New Year go on for nights and nights.  You can buy fireworks in China that shoot way up in the air.  It is hard to sleep at night during the week-long Chinese New Year.

The Stayton fireworks last only 30 minutes.  I may or may not go the fireworks. I will go the parade on the 4th.


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