Friday, May 13, 2011

The weekend nears...


I have not been able to post here due to maintenance by this blogger site.

This picture shows andromeda, one of the earliest blooming plants in the spring.  I know the name of this plant as we had two of them at our home when I was married. 

I have been busy this week, working a Kindle project.  We now have part 1 and part C of the long poem by the late Raymond Geraths. This is the third poem we are getting ready to publish this on the Kindle page.  This poem is Sanctification.  We have previously published Creation and Redemption.  These three poems are religious in nature as Ray was a strong Catholic.

If you have a Kindle look for the first two poems on the Kindle page.  If you have a Kindle 3 you can have it read to you.  This is a good way to read a long poem. 

I am now reading Fire in the Hole, the short story by Elmore Leonard.  This story story is basis the TV show Justification.   I want to see what the story says and compare it to the TV show.  It is one of my favorite TV shows. At the end of this season, its second, three of the main characters were killed.  I wonder what next season will bring.  I will have to find the DVDs of the show in China.

Have a good weekend.


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