Thursday, May 5, 2011

H today...


It is early spring now.  I was nice for a few days but today it is spitting rain.  I was going to mow the lawn today but the spitting rain stops that plan.

I am about half way through Postcards from Tomorrow's Square.  Good stories on China.

I am making chili later today. I have all I need to make it now.

We are working on Raymond Geraths third long epic poem.  Unlike the first two epic poems, this one is over 90 pages long.  I broke it down into three parts to be easier to edit.  We have edited the first two parts but part two needs further editing.  We will be doing that later this weekend. 

I am wearing my cowboy boots today. I am thinking of wearing them on my 20 hour flight to China in the middle of June.  I will wear my boots all day today to see how they feel to wear for along time.

Have a good week.


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