Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday today

Hi again:

It is Sunday of the 3 day weekend.  It rained earlier today so I stayed home.

I finished reading The Jefferson Key last night. It is quite the page-turner and I may read the last 50 again to make sure I got everything. 

I am reading on my Kindle today.  I am reading articles I put on it. I finished four of them today.  I will go the library on Tuesday to pick up some books there. 

I leave for China on June 15 and it will take me 29 hours to get to Kunming. I have an eight hour layover in Beijing.  I hope I got through Customs in Beijing.  When I get to Kunming I can get off the plane without going through customs there.

I will continue this blog once I get to China.  I will take quite a pictures to post here so you can see what Kunming looks like. 

I may go to Xi'an to see some friends there. 

The two pictures here are again optical illusions. 

Tomorrow I will start up the grill to make some hamburgers.

Have a good holiday weekend.


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