Sunday, July 1, 2012

early Sunday today....

This is what you see in China cites.  I never saw many of these in Oregon, but every city in China has these big cranes building apartments or other businesses.

I am now reading China Airborne by James Fallows.  I read every book he writes.  I also read his articles in The Atlantic magazine.

I have not finished yet Catching Fire, the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy.  I got as a free book because I am a member of Amazon Prime.  I must return this book before getting my free copy Mocking Jay, the last book in this series. Catching Fire is on my Kindle Fire and also moved it to my Kindle 3.  (I get one free book a month because I am a Prime member)

I also am reading the decision by the Supreme Court upholding The Affordable Health Care plan of President Obama.  I am so glad the Supremes upheld the law.  I fully support everything our President does.  He will be reelected so easy in November.   I put the decision on my Kindle Fire and I am sort of enjoying the main decision calling the fee paid by those who do not buy health insurance a tax.  I don't care what they call it, tax or penalty, as long as the Health Care was upheld.  The stupid R's will try to repeal this law, not realizing how much American people like the parts already in force. As more in force over the next year more Americans will like the plan. 

We are the only modern country that does not have national health insurance. This is so sad for United States. 

I would have like to see a public option in the plan.

I liked the sign that one stupid Tea Party held up: "Keep the government hands off my Medicare."

You can now believe I am so very liberal and proud to say it.


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