Monday, July 30, 2012

SummerFest on Saturday...

I thought this only happened in China but at SummerFest on Saturday here, there were many young girls wearing very short pants.  This is the only picture I took of a young girl wearing very short pants.    I will post more pictures this week of SummerFest here.  I took 42 pictures at SummerFest so I will share many of them with you.

I am now reading The Columbus Affair by Steve Berry. I read every novel Steve Berry writes.  He is one of favorite authors.

I am still debating whether to read 11/22/63,  It is almost 900 pages.  Too big of a book to hold while attempting to read it.  It is on the Kindle page, but the sale price is $16.99, way too much to pay for an eBook.

My wife will be here this week if it goes good.  Once Helen arrives you will see more pictures of her on this blog. 

Not much else happening here. I mowed the lawn on Friday and this past weekend I read my book and watched a few movies I recorded on my TV.  I made two trips the SummerFest on Saturday. I am thinking of getting a retired Greyhound dog.  They had display of these dogs at SummerFest.  They need a short walk every day and will bond with you quickly.  Most of the time they will sleep.  A retired Greyhound will be 3 or 4 years old. 

A puppy of an Irish Setter would cost me between $1,000 and $1,500 per puppy.  A retired Greyhound costs me $250 for the health issues and getting it spayed or neutered. 

More posts as this week progresses.


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  1. I was listening to an interview the book report radio show had with Steve Berry (see in the archived section of their website) about this new book of his, and learned quite a few things about Columbus that I never knew before, the most important to me being what an absolute tyrant he was. I find it slightly worrying that we've got such high regard for a person who in today's world, would've been tied to a public stake, and forced to listen to repeats of the Micheal Savage show.