Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cooler Sunday today

Hi again:

I have been a bad boy by not posting here as much I want to do. 

The picture is from the parade on the 4th of July. 

I am reading two books now. Too Big to Fail and The Lost Bank, the Story of Washington Mutual and the Biggest Bank Failure in History. 

One book is on my Kindle 3 and the The Lost Bank is from our library.

My wife will be here next week, I hope.  A problem has arisen and I must resolve it in the next day or two.

Both books I am reading are very good.  I thought I had previously read Too Big to Fail.  But I guess I did not read it as it is all new to me.   I think I may not have read Too Big to Fail because it is a very large book but on my Kindle it does not seem as large.

It is much cooler here today than the past few days.   

I promise to write here more often now. 


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