Monday, September 3, 2012

Cool again today....

This is why Chinese food in China is so much better than what we get here.  Dumplings  with a green vegitable and some hot stuff that I will not eat.

Once again, I have not been writing much on here. much to my dismay.

I keep promising to write more but I fail each time I say this.

I did finish The Lost Bank about why Washington Mutual failed.  JPMorgam/Chase got a great deal on the assets from the court, paying only 1.7 billion dollars.  For a bank that that had over $70 billion in assets and a load of bad debt from its sub-prime mortgages.

I have another book from my library called Neptune's Inferno, about the U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal.  I saw the author on C-Span 2 on Saturday.  It is about Japan effort to re-take Guadalcanal after losing it earlier.

I am still reading Too Big to Fail.  It is a long book but I am enjoy reading it.

Back to Chinese food from China. It is so much better than what we get in the U.S.  I will not eat the hot stuff, but everything else I eat there.  I can lose over 40 pounds in China.  White rice is the only thing we have in common with Chinese food in China. 

I could get a lunch at the local grocery store for less than $1.00 that filled me up. It was either fried rice or noodles.  Fried rice is so much different than what we get here in the U.S. 

Fried rice has pork and eggs in it in China. 


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