Tuesday, August 2, 2011

U today...


Sorry for not posting as much as I want to these days. 

I am heading to China three weeks from today. So much to do here before I leave.

The picture here an older car that was at the car show at Summerfest.

I renewed my driver's license today,. I had to take 3 trips to the local DMV office.  My first trip was a bust as I forgot to take my checkbook.  My second trip there was unsuccessful due to not having my passport and Social Security card with me. My third trip there was successful in that I had everything with me.  I got my temporary license now; my permanent license comes here in about a week. 

Once I get my permanent driver's license, I will to AAA to get my International Driver's License, which China now recognizes. 

I am now reading Buried Secrets by Joseph Finder.  I am only getting into it now.  It is due the day I leave here.  But I will have it finished well before that.

Hope your week goes well.


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