Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tuesday today

I cannot get pictures now.

If you have a Kindle go the Amazon Kindle for four poems.

The first one is Creation, an Epic Poem, for $.99.00 cents.

The second one is Redemption, an Epic Poem, for $.99.00 cents.

The third one is Sanctification,, an Epic Poem  for $2.99

The four one  is Poems for the Spirit, for .$.99.00 cents.

I edited each of these poems and all are for sale on Amazon Kindle.

I finished reading Inferno, and it was a good book to read.  I finished it 3 days.

Now I am reading 3001, The Final Odyssey by Arthur Clarke. Frank Poole is in book.


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  1. Hi Steve, I cannot seem to reach you by telephone. Are you still living at Nolans? I sold the green Cadillac so do not be surprised when they come to remove it.