Monday, March 18, 2013

Tuesday, Tuesday so good to me....

This is what our church look on Christmas.

I just finishing reading Born On a Mountain Top On The Road With Davey Crockett and the Ghosts of the Wild Frontier.

A few lessons for the book.

1. Was he born a mountain top in Tennessee? No, he was born in a valley

2.  Did he kill a bear when he was 3? No, just part of the legend.

3.  Did he serve a term in Congress;  Yes.  Even though he was of the same party as Andrew Jackson, he opposed the president's policies.

4.  Did he die at the Alamo? Yes, a horrible death.  Half of the book is about his death.

If you are like me you first came to know Davey Crockett on Walt Disney show.  The three hours of Fess Parker.

There was movie with John Wayne I never saw.

It is a very good book and I recommend it to you if you want to read a great book.


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