Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday, Monday, so good to me...

This picture is from a Kunming China garden I visited while there.

Not much happening here these days. 

I just re-read The Da Vinci Code over two days. 

Now I am reading Garry Wills book Why I am Catholic.  It is a great history of the church and why we did not have a pope until the 7th century. 

I have one other book here by Garry Wills and another waiting for me that our local library.  He started out as a conservative but now a flaming liberal like me.I saw him on C-Span 2 last weekend talking about his new book, The Priesthood, a Failed Tradition.  That is the book waiting me at the our local library. His other books I have is What the Gospels Meant.  Great to  be reading so much these days.

Reading and reading, my avocation.


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